Thursday, January 3, 2013


You know those little things that you pray for....those little signs that you ask for.... because sometimes blind faith is SO HARD? Well, butterflies have been my sign for Mollie since this summer. 

God has shown up via butterflies on a few different occasions. Times when I desperately needed to know which direction to follow.

I have only told a handful of people about this.

Well, when Putin officially signed the ban last week....I was at such a complete loss. All I could pray was that God would show me through butterflies that Mollie truly was intended for our family. Be that now, or be that later, but that she IS our daughter. 

I've had a really rough few days and have felt quite lost and defeated.

Then, a message earlier today from a friend. 

A friend who DOESN'T KNOW my secret prayers to God.

Thank you Lord. 

You rock.

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  1. Hi! You don't know me, but I'm another "Mama" whose heart has been praying for Mollie Grace. I found her pictures on Reece's Rainbow and have been praying for you (though I didn't know it was you at the time.)

    I wanted to tell you that your post today about butterflies is just beautiful. I am rejoicing with you that God gave you the encouragement that you needed to keep trusting that HE is the one who gets the final word on our children...not Putin.

    Just wanted you to know that there are others standing with you in faith, especially with your little girl in mind. :)